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Sunset in the mountains

Have you ever admired a sunset in the mountains? It is a breathtaking spectacle of nature. Now you have a chance to do it without even getting very tired. Trzy Korony is one of the most famous peaks in Poland. It is situated in the Pieniny range and it is only 982 meters high. But it is a splendid view point. The view extends 360 degrees around and if visibility is good you can see the Tatra mountais like on the palm of your hand.

So let us take you for amazing adventure. We will start in the morning to be able to visit UNESCO World Heritage sight – 15th century wooden church in Dębno and old castle located on the rocks over artificial lake.

Afterwards we will get to Sromowce and you will take part in a rafting on Dunajec river gorge. It is organised in traditional wooden boats and the views on the way are said to be one of the most remarkable in the world.

When you arrive in Szczawnica we will have lunch break and in the afternoon we will get to Krościenko from where, within about 2 hours, you can reach the peak of Trzy Korony. There you can admire the sunset in the mountains.

If you prefer to focus on sunset and skip other attractions, we can organise it this way as well, leaving from Krakow in the afternoon. Or we can leave early and do some more hiking in the area before we reach Trzy Korony peak.


(this is one of the options, we can design the tour to match your needs)

  • 10:00 – departure from the hotel
  • 12:00 – arriving in Dębno, sightseeing of the church, than we follow to Niedzica to visit the church
  • 14:00 – arriving in Sromowce where tha raft begins, it last app. 2 hours
  • 16:00 – arriving in Szczawnica, time for lunch and if there is enough time for a walk, Szczawnica is a popular health resort
  • 18.00 – we start the hike to Trzy Korony, it will last about 2 hours, we admire the view and descend to Krościenko
  • 22.00 – departure from Krościenko to Kraków
  • 24.00 – arrival at your hotel

* the time of departure and arrival depends on the time of the year and exact time of sunset
* we will descend the mountain in the darkness but the trail is easy, slope is mild

Trip duration: 14 hours

Hike distance: 9km

Hike duration: approx. 4h

Rafting distance: 12km

Rafting duration: app. 2h

  • 2 pax
  • PLN1000per tour
  • 3-4 pax
  • PLN1150per tour

For groups over 4 people, please contact us for a quote

  • guide escort
  • transportation
  • entrance fees
  • rafting