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Active Holidays Poland

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Welcome to Active Holidays Poland. My name is Monika and I would like to present you some truely unique tours. My company offers active holidays in Krakow and around, adventure opportunities, hiking, biking and much more.

I am a guide and a tour leader. I established Active Holidays Poland because I have been working for 15 years showing visitors the most popular tourist attractions of Krakow. Old Town, Jewish Town or Schindler’s factory, Nazi Concentration camp in Auschwitz or Salt Mine in Wieliczka – these are the highlights of course.

But there is much more to show in my little homeland and I want to reveal it to you. So why don’t you give yourself a chance to find out what else we can offer? I am eager to show you Krakow from a different perspective. That’s why I design theme tours. I would also like to take you away from the city. Therefore Active Holidays Poland offers a lot of field trips including many different activities: hiking, kayaking, rafting, biking, spa! Whatever you wish!

Are you bored with standard sightseeing? Maybe you are interested in what is beyond typical tours? That’s because you are inquisitive and think out of the box.


This is great news for me because my tours are designed for people like you!

So why don’t you take a moment and browse Active Holidays Poland for some activities interesting for you?

Poland is a beautiful, diverse and interesting country. That’s why apart from rich history (often in its most tragic occurence), you can find here amazing nature and breathtaking landscapes.

We protect our most precious habitats in national reserves. So there is a lot of tourist routs and facilities which enable visitors seeing the best of it.

Polish forests and mountains are perfect to hike or bike in summer. In winter you can explore them ski-touring or walking in snowshoes. Our rivers and lakes are perfect for kayaking or rafting.

In the bosom of nature, away from civilization, you can rest, relax and saturate your eyes with views. The delicacies of Polish cuisine will additionally improve your experience.

We are also proud of our history. That’s why we look after our monuments and we try to preserve the intangible heritage as well. There are many places in Poland where you can find natural beauty of landscapes complemented with centuries-old monument.

In many corners of Poland people of different cultures, religions and nationalities had coexisted for centuries. So while travelling around Poland you can find traces of Jews, Russians, Lemkai, Ukrainians, Gypsies or Tatars. This multicultural heritage is what I value the most in my country.

Shortly speaking, Poland is full of various attractions. You can reach them in many different ways: car excursions, biking, kayaing, walking – these are some of ideas.

I know how to connect touring around Poland with your favourite activities. Because I know natural beauty of my country. So I can aquaint you with amazing national parks and breathtaking landscapes but also with rich history and traditions.

I will advise you how to spend your time in Krakow in an interesting and unique way! Give yourself a chance to spend Active Holidays in Poland!