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Pieniny mountains active adventure

The Pieniny mountains active adventure takes you to the smallest mountain range in Poland. But in the same time it probably the most picturesque and spectacular. You will be shocked how diverse landscapes nature can create on such a small surface. There are peaks which are outstanding despite their not impressive altitude and there are exciting river gorges. The most beautiful of those gorges is on Dunajec River. It has long been a tradition to organise rafting trips. Some actually say this is the most beautiful gorge in Europe. Check yourself if you agree.

There are two options of Pieniny mountains active adventure: you can use traditional oldfashioned raft, where you are only a passanger and you can concentrate on just admiring views. But you can also actively take part in rafting while sitting in a pontoon with an oar in your hand paddling and getting all wet.

To make your day even more active we plan first to drive to Szczawnica, one of the most popular mountain spas. From there we will bike along Pieniny Road, up Dunajec River, crossing on the way Slovakian border and visiting Red Monastery (Červený Kláštor). Finally we will reach the place where the boats wait. We will leave the bikes and get back to Szczawnica on the boats. You choose which option of raft you prefer.

Having done all that, you will probably be hungry enough to appreciate dinner in a local restaurant.


  • 8.00 – departure from your hotel
  • 10.00 – arrival in Szczawnica, renting bikes and biking along Pieniny Road to Sromowce Niżne
  • 13.00 – lunch break in Sromowce
  • 14.00 – boarding wooden raft or pontoon and rafting back to Szczawnica
  • 17.00 – free time for dinner, rest, walk around Szczawnica
  • *optional: you can go by cable car to top of mountain Palenica
  • 20.00 – arrival in Krakow

Trip duration: 12 hours

Hike distance: 12km

Hike duration: approx. 2h

Rafting distance: 12km

Rafting duration: app. 2h

Traditional wooden raft

  • 2 pax
  • PLN950per tour
  • 3-4 pax
  • PLN1050per tour


  • 2 pax
  • PLN1150per tour
  • 3-4 pax
  • PLN1300per tour

For groups over 4 people, please contact us for a quote

  • guide escort
  • transportation
  • renting bikes
  • rafting