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Wine tours

Wine tours in Poland? This is a great idea. Do you want to know why?

Wine tours in Poland? This may sound like a strange idea. Most of the people don’t assosiate Poland with wine production. We can’t blame you. For many years Poles were earning their reputation of vodka lovers. But nowadays drinking habbits are changing. And as the number of wine lovers is growing also the number of local wine producers is increasing.

South of Poland is coverd with numerous family vineyards. They are run in a professional way with love and devotion. Moreover most of them are located in the most picturesque places. So join us for one of our wine tours. We will give you the opportunity to not only taste the wine, but also meet the winemakers in their vineyards. Additionally you will be able to admire beautiful landscapes and explore Poland.

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Wine tours in Poland offer wine tasting but also exploration of Polish hidden tourist attractions. The best example is Silver Mountain wine tour. This is a unique city tour during which you can try Polish wines, visit winery, climb a mound and look into hermitage. Silver Mountain winery offers you wines from the heart of Krakow.

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Wine tour with castles and nature in the background is a wonderful option for those wine lovers who also enjoy history and landscapes.

During a short tour outside of Krakow you can enjoy pure picturesque nature and learn about part of Polish history. We will visit the castles and then have an easy walk along Prądnik river so you can relax and admire the beauty of the area. Later on we will take care of your sense of taste.

During this tour you will taste the best local wine and the best local trout. We will visit local vinery and famous trout farm.

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