Trip to the Pieniny Mountains

September is really merciful for us. No ugly rainy days but a continuation of summer. So yesterday I decided to use the opportunity and have a walk in one of my favourite mountain ranges – the Pieniny.

It takes 2 hours to get to Szczawnica (unless you set your GPS to show you a new way to get there quicker – than it takes longer than usually ;-D). Szczawnica is a small spa in southern Poland located between three mountain ranges. So it is just a perfect place for a base to explore the area.

This time I passed Szczawnica and got almost to the end of the road – to Jaworki. From Jaworki you have several options to start a hike in the Pieniny. I chose the less popular through valley of White Water Creek.

In the beginning you walk along the stream and than up the hill to the pass. There you can enjoy your eyes with a wonderful panoramic view of surrounding mountains and the valley at your feet. This is a perfect place to sit under the tree and have a snack.

Than I continued the walk along the trail to the highest peak of the Pieniny called Wysoka (which means High). Mountain High is not that high though. It is only a little bit over 1000 meters. But it offers a wonderful view all around. If you are lucky you can also see the Tatra mountains from here. Although yesterday the Tatras were hidden in the cloud, the view was still spectacular.

After admiring the views I went back the other way. The trail was veeeery steep so I went down in no time. And when I got to beautiful meadow with another amazing view, guess what, I had a snack break again. I’ll tell you a secret – I hike in the mountains so that I could eat tasty snacks without remorse.

Last part of the trail leads through canyon called Homole. This is steepy and rocky part of a walk and it takes you back to car park in Jaworki.

So I made a loop of 14 km. The highest point on the route was 1052 metres. It took me 6 hours including two pretty long snack breaks and even a nap on the grass. All that on a perfect warm sunny day! I hope this September will offer us more such days!