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I dare say I have just had the first daytrip of this spring. Although maybe I shouldn’t trust the weather that much. All in all it is February and not more than a week ago there were piles of snow everywhere. On Monday it was – 18 C degrees in Krakow. How is it possible that it was +12 C degrees today?!

It doeasn’t matter if it’s really spring or just a small joke of the aura which will change back to winter soon. When you see sunlight in Poland in February you just want to take every single beam of light in. You want to enjoy warmth and light before it’s gone.

So we made a tiny little daytrip today out of Kraków to Beskid Makowski. The altitudes aren’t impressive but the views are nice. There is also plenty of hiking routs which are not very demanding. Good for a warm up after winter hibernation. Moreover my friend is building a house in the area so we had to check the work progress. Soon there will be a chance to enjoy Asia’s hospitality and have a good starting base for mountain trips.

So we walked from Stryszów to Marcówka making a nice loop and walking all in all 16 km. We were on tops of two mountains: Starowidz (534 m) and Chełm (603 m). As I said the altitudes are not impressive but the distance was descent. We could enjoy the views towards the mountains in the south and towards the foothills and Mucharskie Lake. This reservoir was created in 2019 after finishing the construction of hydroelectric power plant and dam in Świnna Poręba. So I guess Ican say it is the newest lartificial ake in Poland.

And we had so much sunlight today!