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The best sunrise in the mountains ever we saw couple years ago on Turbacz mountain in January.

I am writing about it now because I have a terrible desire to see a sunrise in the mountains but it would be too challanging nowadyas. That’s because the mountain shelters are closed. On that memorable day which I want to show you we woke up in a mountain shelter and we only had to go out of the sleeping bags, make several steps out of the bedroom and we could admire the breathtaking spectacle.

Nevertheles we almost missed it. It was so nice and warm in the sleeping bags while outside the shelter the tempreture was 26 Celsius degrees below zero!!! But my friend Asia was brave and jumped out of the bed so we didn’t want to be worse. And luckily we followed her into the icy winter dawn.

We didn’t regret for a second! We realised immediately that this will be the best sunrise in the mountains ever. The air was cristal clear. The morning aurora tinted pink had already appeared in the sky.From the place we stood we could clearly see the panorama of the Tatra mountains (the highest mountains in Poland). Pink sun was slowly raising from behind he mountains giving the snow pinkish colour.

Trees hidden under snowy quilts looked as if they were made of cotton candy. Frozen snow was creeking under the feet. Colours on the sky were changing minute by minute from fiery organge to light pink. We stayed outside, despaite freezing temperature, till the sun was up in the sky. Only than we went back inside and enjoyed our breakfast. Than we started a hike. Not only the dawn but the whole day was absolutely beautiful and incredibly picturesque. In deep snow we walked for hours to uor next shelter. We could hardly stop taking pictures.

Below you can see some of the pictures I took on Turbacz on that memorable day.

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