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I went to Bielsko-Biała to visit my cousin during the weekend. Bielsko is located in the valley and surrounded by the mountains. We planned to have Sunday trip to the mountains. It is enough to drive 15-20 minutes and you are already in the forrest at the begining of walking routs. Unfortuantely when we woke up on Sunday it was raining, there was sleet and fog and nothing encouraged to go to the mountains. Nevertheless we still decided to do as planned and go on our Sunday trip to the mountains. We hoped for the best.

We drove about 20 minutes to the Przegibek Pass. And we started a walk in terrible fog. But at least at that altitude there was a little bit of snow. We wanted to go to Magurka Wilkowicka (909 metres above sea level). It takes about one hour to get to the top of the mountain where a nice mountain shelter waits for tourists. So up we go! Fog is slowly disappearing and blue sky is becoming visible.

Magurka is not a high mountains so it is a perfect choice for a short walk. But still you can enjoy some nice views if the weather is good. When we got to the top it was really sunny for a while. Clouds were adding some mystery to the landscape. And the winter reigned up there. We had a week of winter in Poland but two days ago the temperature got suddenly 20 C degrees higher and all snow melted, even in the lower parts of the mountains. But on Magurka we could enjy snow and the view of trees coverd with white quilt.


And, as I mentioned, the mountain shelter full of goodies was up there. We ordered some delicious food. Unfortunately, because of antypandemia regulations, shelters are closed for guests and you can only order food for takeaway. So you can’t enjoy the meal and warm up inside. But fortunately when we were sitting outside the sun was shining. So I had a delicious beans soup (Poland is the kingdom of soups!) and a blueberry cake. One of the best things in hiking is… eating!



We enjoyed the snack and the shining sun but not for too long because the wind started to blow and it was getting colder and more cloudy. So we decided to walk back. Taking a bit different route. We could admire some nice views on the way, where clouds and the sun were fighting for supremacy. The only disadvantage of this mountain range (called Beskid Mały) is that wherever you look you can see human settlements. We are in the area which is densely populated and pretty much industrial. So you can’t fully rest from civilization. We soon reached the car and at the carpark there was no more fog but also no more snow whch was there when we arrived.

Altogether during our Sunday trip to the mountains we walked about 10 km, spent couple of hours outside breathing fresh air. But the most importatnt was that we managed to see some sunlight and take some vitamin D which probably we wouldn’t see if we stayed down in the city. As sometimes you need to climb a little bit higher to get a better perspective and to find what you are missing. As my cousin said: THERE IS ALWAYS SUN ABOVE THE CLOUDS


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