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New Year resolutions!

New Year resolutions!

What a crazy year we had?!

My life has turned upside down. I realise that many of you could say the same.

For guides in Krakow last year meant almost no work. This was a problem not only in terms of money but especially for our mental well-being. Most of us love our job and it is for us not only occupation but also lifestyle. Suddenly we were prevented from meeting with people, sharing our knowledge and passion. That’s why many of us had difficulties to find some other activities to keep us positive and normal. But many of my colleagues discovered, thanks to this unexpected break, that they have lots of talents they sometimes neglected and sometimes didin’t even know about. So there are som upsides of the situation.

Here you can see some pictures I took yesterday. They show the Old Town of Krakow. The place which I used to visit almost everyday before pandemia. I actually worked there. But on Sunday I went there for the first time in at least half a year! No tourists, no work, no restaurants, no cafes, no cinemas, no museums, no theatres – so there was no point in going there. To be honest I kept postponing my visit there on purpose. I didn’t want to see it without life. On Sunday afternoon there were some people who came for a walk and a few cafes which offered cofee or hot wine to take away. But still Market Square and Old Town looked pretty much abandoned.

Anyway it was nice to visit my favourite nooks and crannies although with sadness I noticed that some of my favourite cafes and bars don’t exist anymore. Will they be reborn when pandemia ends? Will everything get back to normal?



Lets hope for that and in the meantime I made my New Year’s resolution. I will properly take care of my webpage and fanpage and publish posts on regular basis so that you knew we are waiting here for you. Whenever it is possible to resume travels and whenever you decide to come back to Kakow we will be ready to take care of you and help you explore Krakow and the best os Poland.