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The Eagles’ Nests Trail

Eagle’s Nest Trail is situated to the north from Krakow. There on large tall rocks and limestone cliffs you can see numerous mediaeval castles. King Kazimierz the Great built them in the XIV century to protect Polish borders.

In some places you will only find romantic ruins of mighty fortresses. But there are also several castles preserved in good shape. Moreover all of them are situated in picturesque Polish Jura Chain. Its limestone cliffs were shaped by the rivers into interesting shapes and charming valleys.

During Eagle’s Nest Trail we will visit also Ojcowski National Park. Because it covers the most interesting part of the trial with several caves and valley of the Prądnik River. There are two most interesting castles (Pieskowa Skała, Ojców) and the most famous monadnocks.

But apart from this part there are tens of other castles. Some of them are in ruine, some of them were rebuilt while some of them survived in good condition. We can organise this tour in many variants depending on your preferences. Do you want to hike and explore caves or would you rather focus on history and material monuments? We can also mix both aspects and additionally organise lunch break in a place where you can taste delicious trout. Everything is up to you but here you can see examplary plan


  • 9.00 – departure form your hotel
  • 10.00 – arrival in Wierzchowska Górna cave and visiting the cave with a guide (walking tour app. 50 min, 700 m long)
  • 11.00 – we continue journey to Ogrodzieniec to see the ruins of the biggest and most impressive castle
  • 13.00 – driving back to Pieskowa Skała and visiting the castle which is in the best condition and houses museum
  • 15.00 – in nearby Ojców we can see one of the oldest ruins and on the way we can admire Prądnik valley with its beautiful nature and rocky outcrops
  • 17.00 – return to Krakow

* We can reduce this tour to standard half day tour. Then we visit only Pieskowa Skała and Ojców – must sees of Eagle’s Nests Trail.

** We can  also extend this tour and visit two more castles in Bobolice and Mirów. Especially Bobolice castle is worth seeing as it was recently very successfully rebuilt

Trip duration: 8 hours

Driving distance: 140 km

Driving duration: approx. 3h

  • 1-4 pax
  • PLN700per tour

For groups over 4 people, please contact us for a quote

  • guide escort
  • transportation by rented car
  • entrance fees
  • lunch expenses