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Multicultural heritage of Southern Poland

We would like to present you multicultural heritage of Southern Poland. Because this region, known as Lesser Poland, was a melting pot of cultures.

Until WWII Poland was a multicultural country. So people of different cultures and religions had been coexisting for centuries. Jews, Orthodox, Greek-Catholics, Gypsies, Catholics lived together in small villages. That’s why you can find numerous monuments testifying about that. During one day trip you can learn a lot about multicultural heritage of Southern Poland.

There is a unique museum dedicated to Gypsies in Tarnów. You should visit it because very few places offer insight into this culture. To the north from Tarnów there is an exceptional village called Zalipie. Its inhabitants every year paint their houses in floral patterns.

There is an outstanding synagogue and Jewish cemetery in Bobowa. You will also find numerous wooden churches all around this area. Some are even inscribed to UNESCO list.

Depending on your interests, we can plan a unique one day trip for you. It will include the most fascinating places. Below, as an example, you can see one of the options.


  • 8:00 – pick up from your hotel and transport by car to Zalipie
  • 9:30 – arrival in painted village Zalipie and visit in house of the most famous painters Felicja Curyłowa. Also other private houses are painted in flowers.
  • 11:00 – arrival in Tarnów and visit to museum of Roma Culture. Later we will have a walk in the old town. You you can find remnants of synagogue here and big Jewish cemetry
  • 14:00 – arrival in Bobowa and visit Jewish synagogue. It is one of few which survived war. There is also Jewish cemetry with local tsaddik (saint) grave
  • 15:00 – visit to Lipnica Murowana where you can find the oldest wooden churche inscribed to UNESCO list
  • 18:00 – arrival in Krakow

Trip duration: 10 hours

Driving distance: 300 km

Driving duration: approx. 5h

  • 1-4 pax
  • PLN750per tour

For groups over 4 people, please contact us for a quote

  • guide escort
  • transportation by rented car
  • entrance fees
  • lunch expenses