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Nowa Huta communist tour – FROM PROPAGANDA TO REALITY!

If you know communism just from spy movies, here you can learn what it was for Polish people on everyday basis. We will travel to Nowa Huta – district of Krakow – and have a walk in housing estates built in social realist style.

This district was built in 50’s as an ideal communist town. But only in theory it was ideal, in practise it turned out to be full of shortcomings. During the Nowa Huta communist tour you will learn what communists promised to Polish people and what they really provided: empty shelves and queues in shops, censorship and propaganda in media, total control at work, school and even holidays. This tour can open your eyes to how regime influences the life of simple people, you will be amazed but also amused with the absurds of communist country.


  • hotel pick up
  • tram ride from city centre to Nowa Huta (approx. 30 min one way)
  • walk around housing estates of Nowa Huta designed in social realist style – this is one of the best examples of this type of planning in the world
  • narration about everyday life of people under the communist regime, their problems, resistance, fight against regime, Solidarity and collapse of communism in Poland
  • visit to Lord’s Ark – the first church built in this district; it took years of struggle, fights and challanges to built it
  • coffee/cake break in a cafe located in People’s Theatre
  • visit to communist bunkers built in case of World War III
  • possibility of taking picture with a tank which got to Berlin during the Soviet offensive in the end of WWII
  • tram ride back to city centre
  • 1 pax
  • PLN350per tour
  • 2 pax
  • PLN450per tour
  • 3-4 pax
  • PLN550per tour

For groups over 4 people, please contact us for a quote

  • guide escort
  • entrance fees to Museum of PRL, which includes antiaircraft bunkers
  • tram ticket fee
  • tea/coffee/cake during break