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Kraków city tour – city of many churches and religions

Kraków is called second Rome because of number of churches. There is 164 catholic churches here. But for centuries this city was house for people of many other religions. They had been building Kraków together.

Our Kraków city tour shows city’s multicultural and multireligious heritage.

Everybody is used to image of Poland as a catholic country. Indeed 95% of Polish people are catholics nowadays but it was completely different 100 years ago.

Poland was multicultural and multireligious country. You can still see traces of that in sacred monuments scattered all aroud Poland. But you don’t really have to leave Kraków to find examples of it.

Apart from Catholic churches in Kraków you can see 7 synagogues, protestant, orthodox and greekcatholic churches. During one tour you can walk to all of them learning about different religions.

During our Kraków city tour we will visit only the most beautiful and outstanding churches: Wawel Cathedral – coronation and burial place of Polish kings, St. Mary’s basilica with amazing altar made by Wit Stwosz, St. Francis church with beautiful stained-glass windows, St. Andrew’s church – one of the oldest churches in Krakow, Corpus Christi church – parish church of Kazimierz. In Kazimierz we will see several synagogues entering two of them (the Old Synagogue and Remuh Synagogue with a cementery) and we will talk about Jewish customs and traditions. We will have a coffee break in traditional Jewish restaurant.

Finally we will get back to Old Town to pay visit in local Orthodox church and in Greek Catholic church and talk about similarities and differences between those two religions.

Apart from admiring beautiful architecture and talking about different customs, you will also have a chance to learn about political and social aspect of multireligious Polish past, you will find out what problems it evoked and what impact it had on out cultural heritage.


  • 9.00 – meeting in your hotel and begining of the walk, visiting cathedral, churches, proceeding to Kazimierz district, visiting synagogues
  • 12.00 – coffee/tea break in Jewish style restaurant, afterwards we continue to visit Old Town
  • 14.00 – end of tour in Market Square

THIS IS ALL WALKING TOUR because access to Old Town and Kazimierz by car is limited

  • 2 pax
  • PLN400per tour
  • 3-4 pax
  • PLN550per tour

For groups over 4 people, please contact us for a quote

  • guide escort
  • entrance fees to St. Mary’s Basilica, Remuh Synagogue, Old Synagogue
  • tea/coffee during break